At Branches of Beauty, we believe that beautiful skin starts from within. We use only the highest quality, results-driven products with ultra-concentrated and active ingredients, assuring you the very best results for your individual needs. Our skincare experts will guide and educate you on the state of your skin and teach you how to correct and rejuvenate to reveal a brighter and healthier you.

To complete the custom experience, we have a variety of add on treatments for your specific needs.

Fully customized skincare experience treating all your needs and concerns using all modalities. $250.00

DIVINE YOU 90 minute journey
Inspire your senses with this ALL-INCLUSIVE, fully customized facial exclusively for your precious skin. A seven-point comprehensive skin analysis is performed to determine our best course of action to treat, correct, nourish, and regenerate your body-mind, and spirit! $193.00

BRANCHES SIGNATURE 60 minutes of pure bliss
Our fully customized signature treatment will leave you feeling clean, light, refreshed, and ready to tackle the world (or just your closets!) Excellent for all skin types including sensitive and reactive skin like Rosacea.  $125.00

LIGHTEN UP! 60 minutes to a brighter you!
This powerful skin brightening treatment was created for those hard to correct dark spots. Whether it be from sun damage, age spots, pregnancy mask, or trauma, this treatment is for you. $135.00. **A series may be required to achieve optimal results**

An Oxygen Infusion treatment hydrates the skin on a deep level, nourishing and promoting collagen and elastin repair. The procedure utilizes a machine that sprays highly concentrated molecules of oxygen into the epidermis (outer layer) of the skin. The oxygen that is applied to the skin is infused with vitamins and minerals that will keep your skin glowing and radiant. The procedure is painless and downtime is practically minimal to none. Oxygen Infusion delivers long-lasting results and is most effective when done in a series.  $250.00

ACNE BE GONE! 60 minutes to a new you!
You don’t have to suffer any longer. This treatment starts with an in-depth consultation to create a plan of action to reveal that beautiful, healthy skin under your trouble spots. Includes deep cleansing, proper exfoliation followed by extractions, a pressure point massage to gently stimulate healing, customized mask and high frequency $140.00

**a series may be required to achieve optimal results**

THE CLEAN TEEN 45 minutes of freedom from your parents!
Afraid to take that selfie because you have a raging zit? Be fearless with this facial specially created to treat tender teenage skin. As hormones of the body begin to adjust and balance out, it can lead to breakouts and excessive oiliness. We will provide proper education and an effortless home care routine to keep your teen skin looking fresh and fabulous! $95.00

BRING SEXY BACK! 45 minutes will do the trick
This invigorating and deep cleansing back treatment will leave your back smooth, bright, and sexy! $100.00

“THE KING” GENTLEMAN’S FACIAL 60 minutes of “Thank you very much”
“Don’t Be Cruel” to your skin! This deep cleansing treatment helps to revive tired skin, alleviate ingrown hair, soothe razor burn irritation, and leave you ready for “Viva Las Vega$” A stress-relieving massage and the personalized mask will have you “All Shook Up”!  $150.00

Age Regenerate $70
Eye Adore $25
Lip Service $15
Healing Hands / Darling Décolleté $35 each
Facial Cupping $80
Ear Candling $85